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Under Pressure Services of Salisbury, North Carolina is locally owned and operated. Owner Michael Brazeel is a veteran of the United States Military and brings his attention to detail and high standards to every job. Being locally owned, Under Pressure Services has developed techniques that specialize in cleaning the contaminants that are common to the area. Just as Michael protected this country, Under Pressure Services will help protect your greatest investment, your home and property. Learn more about Under Pressure Services

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Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Services


The siding of your house is a canvas for pollutants. Between the dirt, bird waste and bacteria there are many reasons to pressure wash your house. The most important however, is the ripe opportunity for mold and mildew to grow on dirty siding. Not only is mold damaging to your home, it’s also dangerous for your family. When left unchecked mold will spread to the inner siding. From there it moves inside your home where it could affect you and your family. Pressure washing is not just cosmetic but a very important part in maintaining the safety of your home.


Your roof is not only home to dirt and grime, but also black streaking moss, lichens and algae. This is called gloeocapsa magma (GM). These bacteria eat the limestone filler in your shingles and cause more than ugly black streaks. When left untreated it can create the need for a roof replacement. Combine that with everyday dirt from weather and it can seriously impact the value of your home. Using Soft Washing techniques can remove grime plus kill and neutralize algae. This restores your roof to its former glory for both beauty, as well as function by lowering heating and cooling costs.


Over a short time your driveway becomes coated in oil, mud, dirt and more. Together this forms a sticky film which necessitates more than a quick hose down. That’s where pressure washing comes in! It gets rid of film swiftly and efficiently. This removes stains and enhances your property. In addition, species of bacteria can develop giving off acids that over time corrode your driveway. With pressure washing you can prevent the cracking and wearing. This saves you from costly repairs. A consistently pressure washed driveway also removes slick residue which creates fall risk, protecting you and your loved ones.


Concrete, brick and other walkway material can become covered in grime, mold, mildew, grease and moss, all of which can cause an ugly discoloration and a dull unappealing look. Over time these residue and bacteria can cause harm to your walkway. This can increase the risk of a fall as well as decrease the value of your home. Pressure washing is a great way to prevent this and control the spread of moss and mildew. The chemicals you need to clean this on your own often discolor the walkway and damage your lawn. You can avoid that by keeping it pressure washed regularly.


Your patio is where you like to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a part of your property constantly exposed to the elements every season. Since patios are parallel to the ground, water does not run off. They also tend to be close to the house, thus catching run off from roofs. This consistent moisture is a perfect breeding ground for algae, mold and bacteria. Your beautiful patio turns into a dirty mess and a potential safety hazard. Algae can make many materials slick and mold can grow in towards your house. Prevent all of this with pressure washing!


You put a lot of time into making sure your pool water is safe and crystal clear, but do you take the time to look at your deck? The moisture and grime on a pool deck often leads to black algae and other unsightly and unhealthy bacteria. Plus a wet algae covered deck is a dangerous thing to walk and run on. If you want a pool deck you can be proud of and confident in its safety, you should have it pressure washed. This gets rid of ugly stains as well as unsafe conditions. Improve curb appeal with pressure washing.

Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Services

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a home and preserve its value. The roof, exterior walls, deck and even the fence surrounding your house are all areas that can get dirty and dirt when left alone means damage. That damage diminishes the value of your home.  The roof over your head protects the rest of the home, all the way down to the foundation.   And whether that roof is shingles, shakes or metal it can become littered with debris.  A good pressure washing is the quickest, most efficient and best way to rid your roof of that unsightly debris. Pressure washers are able to reach every problem spot on a roof and the tremendous blast will blow away the worst stains, bird droppings and debris leaving a solid, functional roof.  Under Pressure Services is the one to call to get that pressure washing done quickly, efficiently and safely on your property. 

Your exterior walls provide your best “curb appeal” but a few flies, or a few thousand, can mar that image. No matter where you live the flies will find the walls of a house. White walls are an especially bright canvas for this pest to leave its little telltale markings. Fly specks add up over time and can ruin the look of a home.  A pressure washer can blast those unsightly spots away , leaving a clean, bug free surface and will return a new luster to your home.   Pressure washers are the best way to remove old bird nests under your eaves. The droppings and nest material can stain the walls below as well.  Dirt, debris, flaking paint and even hard to remove graffiti are no match for a good pressure washing. 
Under Pressure Services takes all the trouble out of getting your home back to its pristine condition. 

Gutter Cleaning

The sound of rain falling on a roof is soothing to some people, but rarely do they wonder where the rain water ends up. Water is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and your gutter system is the first line of defense in keeping water away from your home, keeping it dry and damage free. Water damage causes billions of dollars in insurance claims every year. About one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year. Heavy rains or the runoff from melting snow and ice can cause large of amounts of water to drain off of your roof. Twigs and leaves will build up in the gutters clogging the flow of the water, causing the gutters to overflow, thereby making various parts of your house susceptible to water damage. From 2012-2016, the average water damage insurance claim was $9,633, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

*Insurance Information Institute calculations, based on ISO®, a Verisk Analytics® business, data for homeowners insurance claims from 2012-2016. 

In particular, here are some problems caused by clogged gutters:
  • Structural Damage: when water over flows from the gutters, it will run across the edge of your roof and the sides of your house. Over time, this will cause damage to the roof itself, work itself into attics and crawlspaces, and even windows.
  • Flood Damage: water that is not draining properly can accumulate at the base of your home and find its way into basements and crawlspaces where is can cause great damage and has the potential to cause a mold issue.
  • Foundation Damage: in frigid weather, water that has built up in the ground will freeze, causing the soil to expand and potentially cracking the foundation.
  • Slippery Hazards: water will accumulate on sidewalks and driveways causing hazardous conditions, and the potential for slip and fall accidents. In winter months, this will cause icy build ups all around your property.
  • Termite Prevention: Keep water away from the foundation of houses by keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris.
Gutters should be cleaned twice a year to keep them clean and the water flowing freely. Gutter cleaning will also prevent damage to the gutters caused by a heavy build up of leaves, twigs and ice. This can lead to warping and actually cause the gutters to pull away from the house, causing damage to the roof.   

Seamless Gutter Installation

It is one of the great mysteries of modern living. Your gutters work perfectly on every area of your roof, except directly above the front steps. How many times have you been in a home where water is dripping down directly over the main entrance or worse, freezing into dangerous ice?  Under Pressure Services can mitigate those dangerous conditions with new seamless gutters. 

We don’t think much about rain gutters, but water, along with wind, hail and lightening can destroy a home.  Water works a little slower than the spectacular elements of bad weather but its lasting damage can be much worse.  Water draining down off a roof with inadequate or no gutters at all, works into the floor joists and foundation and the subsequent wet support structures are the perfect target for mold, mildew and weakened wood support.  Those old barns you seek leaning precariously, about to collapse in farm fields are the result of water damage . Don’t let that happen to your home.
Seamless gutters can take your problems away as they efficiently drain even the largest rain storms or melting snow safely away from your roof.
Seamless gutters have an advantage over traditional bend and attach metal systems or lock in place vinyl gutters. A technician can build a gutter along your roof line with no breaks in it, that means no chance for water to find a gap and drip down.  Under Pressure Services can install your new seamless gutters and provide a fix it all solution to those wet front steps and any places draining water that can damage your property. Give us a call today. 

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